About Cassandra

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Hey!  That’s me ^^^


My pronouns are she / her or they / them.


I’m a quality coach, certified scrum master and UX enthusiast, with a past life in IT recruitment, sales and banking.  I’m very passionate about all things testing and software production and have also performed the roles of product owner and business analyst.


I started this blog as a way to reflect on my own thoughts, share them with others, and learn from those who are kind enough to comment and share their own experiences with me.


I also speak at international industry conferences and events.  It’s really wonderful to have audience members approach me with their feedback and stories.  I love being part of the community and hope that I can inspire others to do great things.


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More about me:

  • I like problem solving and finding out how things work
  • I don’t like unnecessary use of fancy terms that most people don’t understand
  • I like cats
  • I don’t like seeing tester Twitter tension
  • I like honest feedback and constructive criticism
  • I haven’t checked my Twitter feed in years (but I still respond, and occasionally post)
  • I really like orange


You can also find out more about me and my views on testing in this Q&A with Rich Rogers.