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About Cassandra



Hey!  That’s me ^^^


I’m an IT recruiter turned software tester and am very passionate about testing and software production.  I’ve also performed the roles of product owner and business analyst.


I started this blog as a way to reflect on my own thoughts, share them with others, and learn from those who are kind enough to comment and share their own experiences with me.


I’m also really pleased to have started speaking at international industry conferences and events.  It’s really wonderful to have audience members approach me with their feedback and stories.  I love being part of the community.


Find out where I’m speaking next.


More about me:

  • I like problem solving and finding out how things work
  • I don’t like unnecessary use of fancy terms that most people don’t understand
  • I like cats
  • I don’t like seeing tester Twitter tension
  • I like honest feedback and constructive criticism
  • I don’t like coffee
  • really like Super Mario, and collect Mario t-shirts
  • I don’t like the implication that “anyone can test”, or that testing without automation requires little / no skill


You can also find out more about me and my views on testing in this Q&A with Rich Rogers.